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About Gorkha FM
Gorkha FM 93 Mhz. aims to be a powerful mass communication media to spread the information on social reality without distortions. It works as mirror of society towards building prosperous Nepal by motivating the people to utilize their capital, technical skills and know-how. Moreover this FM is creating a meeting point for consumers and producers to establish friendly relationship and professional unity.

Gorkha FM 93 Mhz. has aimed its program at building the cultural and democratic fabric of Nepal. It facilitates environment for inclusive good governance, transparency and corruption free society. Thus, Gorkha FM 93 Mhz. upholds the belief that today's Nepal should not merely be new but also sound and prosperous.

Gorkha FM 93 Mhz. has carried the slogan "Owness, Own identity. Prosperous Nepal, Our Campaign." It is planning to expand the FMs' network in various parts of the country, Pokhara, Dharan, Deamak, Rupendehi, Chitwan etc. According this purpose in Pokhara Gorkhali Radio 106 Mhz. is running from Chaitra 2067 BS. Gorkha group is preparing to establish Gorkha TV near future and weekly newspaper "The Gorkhas weekly" is publishing from Pus 10, 2068 BS, which will convert as daily newspaper as soon as possible.

Features of Gorkha FM:

  1. There are more than a dozen shareholders from financial institution and beyond having regular financial transactions with a workforce of 1500 - 15000 staff.
  2. This is the first and only communal FM Station started by Ex-Gurkha Army.
  3. The station is affiliated with nearly five dozens of different business organization promoted Gurkha Community.
  4. The station has the support of Gurkhas residing in Britain, Brunei, Hongkong Singapore, India etc. in establishment of the station in their residential country.
  5. The station is the first ever commercial FM station that airs programs for various ethnic groups from its beginning. So, Gorkha FM is the "Voice of the Nation"
  6. The station will air different program to cater to the needs and demands of its listeners


  1. To act as a voice of Ex-gurkha Army servicemen and create an environment for their involvement in sustainable development of society.
  2. To produce and broadcast program so as to make the society creative and professional.
  3. To make professional organization more competitive, capable replicable and creative through its programs.
  4. To works as a bridge between the government and community stakeholders.
  5. To provide quality service in preferential rate.
  6. To build a platform for the unity of all Gurkhas living in country and abroad and to establish a Research Network to find the ways for proper utilization of resources.
  7. To mobilize the community by providing competitive and professional education & training to pave way for establishment of investment forum.
  8. Special Contribution to protection and facilitation of indigenous Art and Culture of Nepal.

Gorkha FM is a community based professional radio. Therefore it has segmented its programs according to the following given categories.


  1. Music : Nepali, Hindi, Gazal and English Songs from various local and regional languages.
  2. Radio drama and comedy programs.
  3. Phone-in
  4. Informative
  5. Activities and programs of Ex British Army servicemen.
  6. Hot news and events an every hour.
  7. Radio Reports.
  8. Review of the program
  9. Development projects
  10. Current Affair, public concern issues.


  1. Spiritual/religious programs
  2. Literacy and education programs.
  3. Science and technology
  4. Agriculture, Tourism
  5. Health, Sports
  6. Women, Children and youth programs
  7. Development Programs.


  1. Programmes on various regional languages in order to preserve the identity of such language
  2. Dozens of awareness programmes.

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