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About Star FM

Shouldering the responsibility in the nation, Star FM is always committed to preserve and augment the nation's every sector, class, gender, language art and culture by providing healthy entertainment to the audience and defending their right to information.

In the very short period of broadcasting history, Star FM has achieved a greater range of popularity in the realm of media and all this success is attributed to the down pouring love affection, courtesy and cordiality from the audience and subscribers.

Being encouraged by the strong support and sincere co-operation of audience and subscribers, Star FM, service of which was confined in the mid-region Kathmandu valley, has now been successful to extend its broadcasting service in Eastern region, Dharan and further it aims to extend its service in the rest parts of the country in near future. Star FM which is always standby in the service of audience from morning 5 am to 12 pm in the midnight presenting different entertaining and newsworthy programs respecting the interests of audience has been radioing news every hour and breaking news in regardless of time.

Star FM, broadcasting at 95.2 Megahertz from Kathmandu valley and at 99.6 from regional station, Dharan, has extended its audibility coverage to the audience in 19 districts Nuwakot, Dhading, Rasuwa, Kavreplanchok, Sindhuplanchok, Ramechhap, Makawanpur, Gorkha, Bara, parsa, Rauthat, Siraha, Saptari, Udayapur, Sunsari, Morang, Jhapa, and Dhankuta including Kathmandu itself. And its frequency can be listened to from bordering districts as well. So it is not an exaggeration to say that star FM has been a strong medium for News entertainment, advertisement and any-type of publicity.

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