The computer will type what you spoke in Nepali, no money and no need of any new software.

Now you do not have to type to write status on Facebook. Speak what you want to type; the computer will type what you speak. Copy and paste it on Facebook.
There was a time when it was more a matter of pride to know typing, and consider as a computer savvy. And, those who can type can be commercially successful.
Saying that I know how to type or enjoy typing is not a sign of computer knowledge, but typing plays an important role in learning programming or other writing things. Slow typing is not only a waste of time but it also plays as embarrassment to learn more.

Nowadays even typing or learning Nepali is a bit harder than English. It is not easy to type the words or symbol that are even not mention in keyboard. Well, as we are typing, our fingers slowly figure out where the letter or gesture is, and typing will be easy but it takes time. May be the condition that our fingers (Muscles) can automatically find out the letter or signal is probably called Muscle Memory.

Here I am going to provide you information in which you can type in your computer by speaking. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any extra for this and don’t have to add any new software. You only need to have Google Chrome with a computer and the Internet.

Amazing Voice Dictation

Speech can be easily converted into voice with the help of voice dictation. You may say that, it works only in extensively used languages, such as English, Spanish or Hindi. If you think so then change your thinking it does an amazing job in Nepali too. Click here to find out how many more language other than Nepali works with this voice dictation.

How to use Voice Dictation?

Even though voice dictation is Internet-based, it does not send the data you say to the Internet, so it can quickly convert speech to letter. Speaking a little slower than regular speech in a quiet or out of noises place will bring a brilliant result.

Voice dictation

How to use voice dictation

  1. First open on Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the Lunch Dictation.
  3. Choose the language you speak by typing in the drop down menu on the right. Remember, the language to be spoken needs to be selected.
  4. Then click on the microphone where the small photo is located or where Start is written.

*Remember, the first time you use this software may ask for permission to use a microphone. Please! Allow

  1. Then as you start speaking, it starts typing.
  2. After finishing typing can be stop by clicking the Stop button.

It also has the ability to copy what you type into speech and put it directly on the Internet. You can also type in a leader’s speeches or other spoken audio by playing it on the mobile.


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