83,94,100 IPO shares of CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC) are now listed in NEPSE.

The company opened its IPO to public from 17th Baisakh. The issue was closed on 21st Baisakh, 2077, . The company issued of 25,18,230 unit shares worth Rs 25.18 crore. The IPO allotment of CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited wad held on 2078/01/31 BS.

The issue received applications from 16,85,627 valid applicant.and it was oversubscribed by 10.52 times. As per the allotment module, 2,34,195 applicants were allotted 10 units each via lottery and lucky four applicants get 1 unit extra. 50,365 units were allotted to the staff of the Company and 125,911 units allotted to mutual funds.

The opening range for the primary transaction is about from Rs. 138.79 to Rs. 416.37. If the primary transaction is formed within the premarket session today, the shares are often traded from today .


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