Jyoti Life Insurance’s IPO has been allotted. The IPO allottment was held at Jyoti Life’s own office in Shanta Plaza, Gyaneshwar, Kathmandu on Friday. Of this, 594,000 applicants have received shares at the rate of 10 unit. A total of 18 lakh 42 thousand 480 people have applied for the IPO, of which 44,645 have been rejected.

A total of 17 lakh 97 thousand 835 eligible applicants have been included in the round. The results of the IPO can be viewed from the issue manager NMB Capital’s website and MeroShare web and Android App . The results also can be viewed from the website https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/ created by CDS & Clearing to view the IPO results .

Jyoti had issued a total of 6.6 million IPOs at the rate of Rs.100. Out of this, 330,000 units were allocated to employees and 330,000 units to mutual funds. The general public could apply for the remaining 5.94 million unit . At present, Jyoti’s paid up capital is Rs 1.54 billion. After the IPO allotment, the capital will reach Rs 2.20 billion.


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